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ACLU of Ohio Endorses Issue 1

COLUMBUS – The Vote Yes on Issue 1 campaign thanked the ACLU of Ohio today for endorsing a “yes” vote on their ballot initiative to ensure more people with addiction receive treatment in their communities.

“We are extremely grateful for the ACLU of Ohio’s endorsement. We are continuing to build more momentum, as voters in Ohio learn more about our plans to stop the warehousing of prisoners, and to begin supporting treatment for people in our communities suffering with addiction,” said Dennis Willard spokesman for Vote Yes on Issue 1 campaign.

In their release, the ACLU of Ohio said the organization was endorsing a yes vote on Issue 1 because, “Locking people in a cell does not address addiction or the underlying factors that cause people to use. We are in the midst of an opioid epidemic and our prisons are at 132% capacity. We need to do something. We’ve needed to do something. Issue 1 is the solution.”

A yes vote on Issue One means: safer communities, aggressive prosecution for violent crimes, and available treatment for addiction.

For more information, contact:
Dennis Willard

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