Franklin County Judge Chris Brown Supports Yes on Issue 1 Vote

Status Quo Not Working While Overdose Death Rates Rise

COLUMBUS – Franklin County Judge Chris Brown took to social media to support a Yes Vote on Issue 1 today.

“I feel compelled to speak out in order to dispel some of the myths, distortions, and flat-out lies espoused by opponents of Issue 1,” said Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Chris Brown on his Facebook page.

Read his post:

Judge Brown busts the myths about Issue 1, noting it does not legalize drugs, does not stop the prosecution of drug traffickers, is not an unfunded mandate and it does not restrict state lawmakers from using their Constitutional authority to make our communities safer while providing more treatment to people suffering from addiction.

“Issue 1 DOES remove the stigma of drug addiction and status of a felony conviction, allowing recovering addicts to engage in pro-social activities such as work, and a greater ability to find stable housing,” Judge Brown posted.

He continues…”by treating addiction as the disease it is, instead of turning sick individuals into felons. Drug courts are a big part of the solution, but they are not the only part. Well-funded professional drug treatment programs must be available in all of Ohio’s 88 counties.”

“Judge Brown offers a refreshing, clear and honest voice in opposition to a barrage of bad information, misconceptions, and in some cases, outright lies from the people who are asking us to “trust” the status quo while we are losing on average 14 loved ones a day to overdose deaths. Join Judge Brown and hundreds of thousands of other Ohioans in supporting a Yes vote on Issue 1 for safer communities and more treatment,” said Dennis Willard, spokesperson for the Yes on Issue 1 campaign.

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