United Church of Christ Endorses Yes for Issue 1

Yes Means Safer Communities, More Treatment

COLUMBUS – The United Church of Christ endorsed a Yes vote on Issue 1 today to make our communities safer and to provide more treatment opportunities for people suffering from addiction.

“The long held belief that mass incarceration of non-violent offenders is a pathway to rehabilitation is a costly delusion that ruins lives, fosters recidivism, and lines the pockets of private prison owners. I am happy to support Issue 1 as a pathway to a more sane approach to our drug problems in this country,” said the Rev. Dr. John C. Dorhauer, United Church of Christ General Minister and President. “The United Church of Christ, which last year passed a resolution responding to the evil of mass incarceration, sees this as an important and necessary next step in the re-building of a criminal justice system that doesn’t ignore the call of justice.”

“We are grateful to the United Church of Christ and Rev. Dr. Dorhauer for their support. A Yes vote on Issue 1 will mean taking $100 million a year from our bloated state prison system, and redirecting those resources to treatment in communities where that money will do the most good,” said Dennis Willard, spokesman for the Yes on Issue 1 campaign.

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Dennis Willard

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