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Yes on Issue 1 Campaign Releases Fentanyl Fact Sheet

COLUMBUS – The Yes on Issue 1 campaign released a fact sheet about fentanyl today to show that Ohio’s tough trafficking laws will be maintained and law enforcement will be freed up to focus on trafficking and other serious and violent crimes.

“A Yes vote on Issue 1 will get treatment to those who need it, while traffickers will continue to face the full brunt of Ohio law enforcement. Large amounts of dangerous drugs, such as fentanyl, are always charged as trafficking by state and federal prosecutors in Ohio,” said Dennis Willard, a Yes on Issue 1 spokesperson.

“Law enforcement arrest them for trafficking, prosecutors charge them with trafficking, and courts convict them of trafficking, and they go to prison for trafficking,” Willard said.

“A Yes vote on Issue 1 saves lives, families and strengthens our communities,” Willard said. “We will have safer communities with aggressive prosecution for violent crime and available treatment for addiction.”

Ohio spends more than $1.8 billion each year on a broken and overcrowded prison system. A Yes vote on Issue 1 will save $100 million a year and direct those savings to addiction treatment and victims of crime.

“Everyone knows someone who has lost loved ones to the opioid epidemic devastating our families and communities. Treatment and rehabilitation work better to improve public safety than a revolving prison door,” Willard said. “It is shameful that some career politicians who have long ignored the opioid crisis are now trying to exploit this issue with lies and disinformation.”

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Dennis Willard

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