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Yes on Issue 1 Campaign Will Be a Book to Ohio’s Drug Courts

COLUMBUS – The Yes on Issue 1 campaign issued a statement today that Ohio’s drug courts will benefit from the passage of the amendment because judges will have more funding and tools to provide treatment for non-violent addicted people, and use jail time as an incentive to complete treatment.

“A yes vote on Issue 1 prioritizes treatment for addicted people by reducing our overcrowded prisons and investing the savings in expanded treatment options,” said Stephen JohnsonGrove, deputy director with the Ohio Justice and Policy Center who helped craft the language for the amendment.

“This will be a boon to drug courts. They are eligible to apply for grants from the approximately $85 million in savings by reducing the state’s bloated prison budget. Drug court judges will also have the ability to put people in jail if they are rejecting treatment options. A yes on Issue 1 vote captures millions of dollars and prioritizes people and treatment over prison cells,” said JohnsonGrove.

“It’s disappointing that partisan politicians like Mike DeWine and Ron O’Brien are using scare tactics and misinformation to hide the fact that they have done too little to truly address Ohio’s growing opioid epidemic and lack of treatment facilities. Their negligence has meant we are using prisons to warehouse non-violent people who need treatment,” JohnsonGrove said.

“Everyone knows someone who has been affected by the drug epidemic and we believe voters will approve Issue 1 to ensure their loved ones get the treatment options they need,” Johnson said.

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