Yes on Issue 1 Endorsed by Organizing For Action (OFA)

Calls Safer Communities, More Treatment One of Nation’s Most Important Initiatives

COLUMBUS – Organizing For Action (OFA) endorsed a YES Vote on Issue 1, sending out a mass email announcing their support for the effort to build safer communities and provide more treatment for people suffering from addiction in Ohio.

“Issue 1 will reduce the number of people in our state prisons, and reinvest the savings in addiction treatment and prevention programs. We need to vote YES on Issue 1,” said Jack Shapiro, Organizing For Action Program Director.

“For decades, the General Assembly has ignored Ohio’s costly, overcrowded prisons. Their response to the addiction crisis has been to arrest more and more people for low-level crimes, instead of taking a balanced approach to public safety. Now, it’s in the voters’ hands to fix this problem by supporting Issue 1,” Shapiro said.

“Friend, Ohioans deserve solutions to the broken prison system and drug epidemic. Issue 1 will deliver it — along with a sorely-needed reforming of Ohio’s criminal justice system,” Shapiro said.

“Getting the Organizing For Action endorsement and knowing their message is being sent out across their vast network of volunteers and voters is tremendous, and we appreciate the OFA’s endorsement as we go directly to the people to seriously address the opioid epidemic in Ohio with a Yes vote on Issue 1,” said Dennis Willard, a spokesman for the Yes on Issue 1 campaign.

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Dennis Willard

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