Yes on Issue 1 Releases First TV Ad

Drug Treatment Provider Says Prison Savings Means More Treatment

COLUMBUS – The Yes on Issue 1 campaign went up on the air statewide today with a major television ad buy featuring drug treatment provider Ed Sweeney talking about the need to reduce the number of people struggling with addiction in our prisons and invest those savings in drug treatment.

You can view the ad here:

Text of ad:
“As a drug treatment provider I’ve seen so many people who want and need help, but they can’t get it, and they end up in jail.
What we’re doing isn’t working.
We must fix our broken justice system and invest in proven solutions beyond prison.
It’s why I support Issue 1.
Issue 1 reduces the number of people struggling with addiction in our prisons and invests those savings in drug treatment and help for victims.”

“People and families are hurting in our communities and desperate for treatment. We learned recently that drug overdoses increased in Ohio by more than 20 percent from 2016 to 2017. This first ad puts a spotlight on the need to stop wasting precious dollars on putting low-level non-violent people in prison and use those savings to put $100 million more a year in treatment programs for people suffering from addiction,” said Dennis Willard, spokesman for the Yes on Issue 1 campaign.

The statewide buy is the first television ad with more to come from the Yes on Issue 1 campaign. Last week, SEIU 1199 initiated a six-figure radio ad campaign featuring Springfield native and Grammy award winning artist John Legend.

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Dennis Willard

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